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TAM Member featured on NBC Channel 5 in Dallas
An NBC Channel 5 "investigative/special stories" reporter called Melanie Grimes about six weeks ago wanting to do a story on "marriage mediation" (for couples in conflict who want to stay married). The reporter had heard about this in another state, then tried to find someone in DFW that offered it and found Melanie's website.
Melanie Grimes:
She and I agreed few folks know about this option and I also shared with her about the other types of interfamily mediation I do. She told me she'd need "live bodies" that could be interviewed for the story. Understandably, none of the couples with whom I have mediated in this way would agree to be on TV due to confidentiality. Then, the station changed reporters for the story and it went this direction. The reporter also asked me if I had any upcoming speaking engagements, and I did - as a panelist at the Mediators' Forum in Plano held by the Aga Khan Conciliation and Arbitration Board on 10/18 (so glad TAM co- sponsored this forum). The topic of this panel was Innovation in Mediation," so I shared about my experience with interfamily mediation and Channel 5 filmed it. Am hoping that seeing/hearing this story can offer a creative option for families in conflict. I admire Channel 5 for airing this story during this particularly contentious time.
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